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Denver Trends / November 20, 2019
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Market Snapshot

Total Properties:2031
MoM Change:-13.98%
Avg Days On Market:74
Median List Price:$519,900
MoM Change:1.94%
Highest List Price:$13,995,000
Lowest List Price:$17,500

Typical Property

Residential:2.81 Beds
2.59 Baths
List Price:$693,742
Price per SqFt:$344.76
Price Reduction:-2.00%

Average Price by Bedrooms

1 Bedroom:$348,791
2 Bedrooms:$496,799
3 Bedrooms:$663,313
4 Bedrooms:$855,843
5 Bedrooms:$1,451,891
Northwest Denver Trends / November 20, 2019
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Market Snapshot

Total Properties:259
MoM Change:-6.83%
Avg Days On Market:69
Median List Price:$599,999
MoM Change:-2.91%
Highest List Price:$2,025,000
Lowest List Price:$172,500

Typical Property

Residential:2.73 Beds
2.65 Baths
List Price:$677,472
Price per SqFt:$387.72
Price Reduction:-2.00%

Average Price by Bedrooms

1 Bedroom:$378,912
2 Bedrooms:$586,486
3 Bedrooms:$709,360
4 Bedrooms:$840,503
5 Bedrooms:$1,102,072
Northeast Denver Trends / November 20, 2019
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Market Snapshot

Total Properties:192
MoM Change:-17.95%
Avg Days On Market:49
Median List Price:$450,000
MoM Change:-6.24%
Highest List Price:$2,375,000
Lowest List Price:$139,500

Typical Property

Residential:3.35 Beds
2.99 Baths
List Price:$544,056
Price per SqFt:$233.43
Price Reduction:-2.00%

Average Price by Bedrooms

1 Bedroom:$189,750
2 Bedrooms:$384,562
3 Bedrooms:$473,226
4 Bedrooms:$597,817
5 Bedrooms:$805,254
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