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Below you'll find statistics on residential listings in Denver, CO, updated every day from the MLS, including the average price, average days on market, average price reduction, average price of homes by bedroom, and more. You can also view available properties for any of these communities.

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Denver Trends / February 2, 2023
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Market Snapshot

Total Properties:859
MoM Change:-5.50%
Avg Days On Market:61
Median List Price:$625,000
MoM Change:5.77%
Highest List Price:$15,000,000
Lowest List Price:$39,995

Typical Property

Residential:3.00 Beds
2.61 Baths
List Price:$927,116
Price per SqFt:$446.85
Price Reduction:-2.00%

Average Price by Bedrooms

1 Bedroom:$481,144
2 Bedrooms:$638,887
3 Bedrooms:$787,006
4 Bedrooms:$1,119,801
5 Bedrooms:$1,794,146
Northwest Denver Trends / February 2, 2023
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Market Snapshot

Total Properties:64
MoM Change:-4.48%
Avg Days On Market:58
Median List Price:$860,000
MoM Change:7.50%
Highest List Price:$2,500,000
Lowest List Price:$279,900

Typical Property

Residential:3.40 Beds
2.84 Baths
List Price:$1,132,466
Price per SqFt:$524.13
Price Reduction:-2.00%

Average Price by Bedrooms

1 Bedroom:$430,000
2 Bedrooms:$727,271
3 Bedrooms:$797,682
4 Bedrooms:$1,424,286
5 Bedrooms:$1,340,300
Northeast Denver Trends / February 2, 2023
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Market Snapshot

Total Properties:114
MoM Change:-12.98%
Avg Days On Market:60
Median List Price:$596,950
MoM Change:3.82%
Highest List Price:$4,800,000
Lowest List Price:$225,000

Typical Property

Residential:3.58 Beds
3.14 Baths
List Price:$766,866
Price per SqFt:$324.50
Price Reduction:-2.00%

Average Price by Bedrooms

1 Bedroom:$310,000
2 Bedrooms:$458,675
3 Bedrooms:$604,575
4 Bedrooms:$690,105
5 Bedrooms:$1,195,265
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