Cool buildings. An amazing pedestrian bridge. Exceptional restaurants. Combine all of these things together, and what to you get? LoHi.

The Lower Highlands (LoHi) neighborhood offers a combination of high-density high-rises, Victorian architecture, traditional brick bungalows, modern single family homes, contemporary duplexes, and progressive row homes. In a nutshell, LoHi is one of the trendiest places to live in all of Denver. The LoHi area is downright hip. And hot. And cool. And funky. And amazing!

LoHi, which is one of three neighborhoods that together create The Highlands, is a unique area with quite a bit to offer its residents. From unique homes with diverse architecture to huge, beautiful, and mature trees, LoHi provides residents with arts and culture as well as numerous incredible restaurants – all within walking distance.

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The Millennium Bridge, the world’s first 200 foot cable stay bridge, opened in 2002. This bridge connects Downtown Denver to LoHi, and is an important factor in LoHi’s remarkable development over the past decade. Some even say that the LoHi area has become one of the trendiest spots in the Denver Metro area almost entirely due to the construction of this bridge, which was designed for pedestrians and is a true architectural feat.

The proximity of LoHi to Downtown Denver is one of its greatest aspects. People living in LoHi have ready access to the downtown area for both work and entertainment purposes. With the population growth in the Denver area over the past several years, commuting has become a concern. Residents living in LoHi don’t have to worry about spending over an hour in a car or on public transportation to get downtown. This is a huge benefit and is one reason LoHi is one of the most desirable places to live in the metro area.

Does your palate appreciate great food? If you look forward to feasting at a chain restaurant on a Friday or Saturday, LoHi is not the place for you. Known for some of the most fantastic restaurants in Colorado, LoHi is the location of incredible restaurants such as Old Major, LoHi Steak Bar, Duo, Vita, Root Down, Linger, and more. Just make sure to make reservations ahead of time at these popular places! For dessert, don’t forget to stop by Little Man Ice Cream – but you may have to stand in line, especially on a warm summer night!

In the mood for some arts and culture or for a place to enjoy the outdoors? Look no further. LoHi has it all. From LoHi you have easy access to the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art as well as other art studios, galleries, numerous local street fairs, and Denver’s 16th Street Mall. Also, you are not far from the Cherry Creek Trail and bike path, and you have striking views of the Downtown Denver skyline and of the beautiful Colorado mountain peaks.

LoHi is one of the most progressive places in the Denver area. No matter your age or whether you have young children or teenagers, LoHi has something to offer. From restaurants and coffee shops to independently owned shops and easy access to Downtown Denver, LoHi is close to just about everything. If you’re looking for a cool and hip place to live… you’re looking for LoHi.