You’ll rarely hear anyone call the Denver Technological Center by its full name.  The area surrounded by I-25, 225 and Arapahoe road is more commonly referred to as the DTC or the Tech Center.

12 miles south of proper downtown, the DTC is considered a mini-downtown, you’ll still find it as a hub for businesses and hotels but there are also plenty of apartments, condos and beautiful high end neighborhoods.

Because of the robust business lunch crowd, you’ll also find a huge variety of bars and restaurants which provides an attractive walkability.  Happy hour in the DTC is just as lively as you’d find in downtown Denver.

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Living in the DTC gives you access to the highly rated Cherry Creek school district.  98% of the cherry creek schools rank in the highest category of accreditation by the Colorado Department of Education so this area is extremely attractive to families with school aged children.

Accessibility is amazing as the DTC sits right between I-225 which will take you out east and to the airport and I-25 which runs north and south.  There is also a light rail stop off Arapahoe road as an option for commuting into downtown.

The DTC is a great choice for families as well as professionals who still want access to nightlife without being directly downtown.